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We Buy Houses

“We Buy Houses In Bay Area“, is a strictly no-nonsense home buying company that offers cash for houses in the Bay Area CA. If you’re looking to sell your home quickly for cash, we’re the best local home buyers in the Bay Area, and we are more than serious about buying your home. Best of all - No agents, no inspections, no repairs, no fees and no commissions necessary.

We Can Buy Your Home No Matter What Your Reasons Are For Selling!

We understand the gruelling process behind selling a home. As we’ve said before, we work upfront and give you immediate cash for your home. Avoid any agent commission, closing costs, cleaning your home for walk-throughs, open houses, costly repairs and most of all uncertainty.

We have bought homes all over the Bay Area - California, no matter what your selling reasons are:

Why Waste Time and Money Paying Agents?

Instead, you can request an offer from us before you commit to a 6-month contract with an agent.

We’re the most committed, hardworking, and most humble buyers you will ever meet… we promise to never waste your time with low offers! Everything is 100% free with no obligation to accept. You have all to gain, with absolutely nothing to lose!

Sell Your House The Easy Way!

We know that selling a house is stressful. The process of repairing, cleaning and uncertainties with agents is just the beginning of the work. From there, the added process of selling, walkthroughs, open houses and continually dealing with agents adds more stress to an already overwhelming process.

However, my team and I are made up of professionals that will cater to your needs and make selling your property within the Bay Area of California simple and stress-free. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!

My name is Eugene Romberg, and together with our team, we will go above and beyond your expectations - and bring you an offer that works!

Eugene Romberg
Eugene Romberg

How Do I Sell My House Quickly in the Bay Area?

Selling your Bay Area, California home for cash is honestly very simple. We eliminate all middle-men (agents and banks) and we don’t depend on approval from third parties to buy your home! As I said earlier, we don't send low offers. We show you the numbers upfront and are honest with you every step of the way!

This is how we break down and formulate your offer. We also show you actual offers we have made on houses that we bought with cash!
We are an All-Star roster, and we know you’re just not going to pick just anyone… only the best for you and your family!
We hate wasting time. I’m sure you do as well. Fill in your information on our forms and receive your offer. It's as easy as 1..2..3!

“I need to sell my house in the Bay Area fast … but these agent fees and next couple months of waiting is going to make me lose money! I just want to sell my home in the Bay Area, California and walk away with cold, hard Cash in hand!”

~ And Don’t Worry… My Team And I Got You Covered!

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All cash offers are based on the After Repaired Value of the property. This allows us to present higher offers. Let our team handle everything. Step back, relax and let the experts help you, while you just wait for your check!

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We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no repairs, no cleaning.

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Cash for your Bay Area, CA Home and Fast!

Sell your Bay Area, CA home to us and be instantly relieved with the stress and headache that comes from selling your home. We can buy your Bay Area home quickly - and we can help you, regardless of what situation you may be facing. As I’ve said earlier… it costs you nothing to see what we have to offer, but you have everything to gain!

In my experience, I’ve learned that the fastest way to sell your home is to attract honest, transparent and experienced people that can make cash offers. Work alongside us, and present us with some information on your home in the Bay Area, and our team will get to work immediately. We work hard and honestly to give you our highest possible offer.

You don’t need to imagine knowing the when and how much your home will be sold for. We make that a reality as you get the exact amount you have agreed to! No fees, no surprises, and leaving nothing to chance!

Need to clean? Don't worry!

When I say we buy houses as is, I mean it. Any condition is wonderful - take what you want and leave us the rest. Food in the fridge, dirt on the floor, clothes, rubble, trash - it doesn’t matter for us, we’ll take care of it.

Sell your house to us and you won’t even need to clean. We are not here to pass judgement, we are only here to help and make your selling experience exceed your expectations.

If you need to sell your home in the Bay Area quickly and without issues - listing with an agent is not always the best option. Dealing with a foreclosure, a divorce, being behind on bills or taxes - whether a house is vacant or occupied, even if it is uninhabitable… IT DOES NOT MATTER! I’ll personally make sure to keep you and your family at ease - my team and I will take care of everything!

We Offer The BEST Way To Sell Your Bay Area Home!

I’m sure you know of friends and family who have had horrible experiences regarding a sale of property in the Bay Area with an agent. You can avoid any headache and stress with us - we offer more money, quality service, and an overall better experience! Just ask our past clients!

We Buy Houses for Cash in San Francisco Bay Area California

,Google map of Bay Area, CA,
We Buy Houses Area We Cover In Bay Area California

The Bay Area is a region in Northern California, comprising of nine counties including San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. It is a center for technology, finance, and culture and is home to many major technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. 

Satellite View of Bay Area, CA
City Lights of Bay Area, CA

The area is also known for its diverse population, scenic beauty, and cultural attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Additionally, the Bay Area is known for its vibrant food and wine scene, as well as its progressive politics and liberal attitudes. Overall, the Bay Area is a significant and dynamic region with a rich history and culture.

We have bought homes from all over the Bay Area from homeowners just like you. We have bought houses in all cash in San Jose, CA and we have purchased properties in San Francisco, CA, to name a few.
It doesn’t matter where in the Bay Area you have a house for sale. Whether you want cash for your house in Palo Alto, CA or if you want a cash offer for your home in Richmond, CA we will purchase it!

Over 200 happy homeowners since 2015

Everything is 100% FREE. No Obligation to Accept.

Eugene really helped with the renovation process of our former home, not only that but he gave me a great cash offer on my house in San Jose.
Like many customers, I don’t really leave reviews. If I enjoyed their service, I’ll keep that in mind when I refer them to friends or other people I know. Eugene and his team really exceeded my expectations. They broke down what it took to sell my Bay Area house quickly and made me a deal I was beyond comfortable with when it came to moving to another location. I would highly recommend Eugene and his team for anyone or their family when looking for a great cash deal for their home.
If you’re looking to sell your home without the stress of realtors and inspections, call Eugene Romberg. He was ethical in his approach and impressed me with how professional he was. Don’t delay, call Eugene and he will help you like how he has helped me and my family.
I was very impressed with the work that Eugene did for my home. He isn’t pushy and I actually liked how he educated me through the whole process. Unlike other home buyers, Eugene actually wants you to talk to a realtor and have multiple options ready. I was 100% percent comfortable with working with him.
Whenever I refer clients to Eugene of We Buy Houses in the Bay Area they always give me a call after working with him and they always have something positive to say. I can see how hard he works to make sure that his clients are completely satisfied. He has helped so many people escape some terrible situations and they love him for it. I will continue to work alongside him and make sure to send clients his way within the Bay Area, it is the least that he deserves 🙂

We are the BEST Way to Sell Your Home in the Bay Area, CA

Whether you are trying to avoid an imminent foreclosure, inheriting a property you don’t like/need, dealing with a divorce, or are fed up being a landlord dealing with bad tenants - we can help. If you need to sell your home in the Bay Area fast… we offer CASH for homes in the Bay Area, CA!


We Buy Houses simplifies the home selling process. Homeowners contact us, we make an offer based on the after-repair market value of your home. This means we consider what your home would be worth after we’ve made all necessary repairs and upgrades. Our goal is to give you our highest possible offer. If accepted, we proceed to close the sale, often within days or weeks, depending on your schedule.

We are open to purchasing houses of any type. Our primary concern is the potential value of your home after repairs and upgrades, not its current state or style.

Selling to us means you receive a cash offer based on your home’s potential value, a quick and hassle-free process, no need for you to make repairs or clean, and you avoid realtor fees and commissions. Our approach is designed to be as beneficial for you as possible.

Our process is designed to be fast, allowing you to close in as little as 5 days, depending on your situation.

No, we cover all the selling costs, including agent fees, closing costs, taxes, and holding costs. When you sell your house to us, there are no hidden fees.

Not at all! We buy houses in any condition. Our offer will reflect the potential value of your home after we complete all necessary repairs and upgrades.

No, there is no obligation. We provide you with our best offer, and you decide if it works for you. We believe in a pressure-free approach.

Once we purchase your property, we invest in making necessary repairs and upgrades, such as installing granite countertops, new roofing, and hardwood floors, to enhance its value. Our goal is to sell it at a higher market value, similar to other renovated homes in your neighborhood.

While we don’t specify an exact timeframe on our website, we work to ensure the process is much quicker than selling through traditional methods. In many cases, after making our offer, we can close the deal in as little as 5 days, depending on your schedule.