Sell a House With Code Violations

Selling a house that fails to meet current building codes presents significant challenges, impacting both the sale process and the property’s marketability. Yet, where there’s challenge, there’s opportunity. This guide addresses the implications of these violations and explores solutions that facilitate a more straightforward sale, ensuring homeowners and investors are well-equipped to manage this often daunting scenario.

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Selling a house with code violations

What Are Code Violations?

Code violations refer to breaches of local building and safety regulations that a property may incur. These can range from structural issues, such as faulty foundations or deteriorating roofs, to systems not up to current standards, like electrical wiring or plumbing. For Bay Area homeowners and investors, understanding these violations is crucial, as they can significantly affect a property’s safety, legality, and value. 

How Do Code Violations Impact the Sale Process?

Selling a house with code violations in California can introduce several complications, from delaying the sale to affecting the final sale price. Potential buyers, upon discovering these issues, may request repairs or renegotiate the price to account for the cost of bringing the property up to code. Furthermore, financial institutions may hesitate to approve mortgages for properties with significant violations, limiting the pool of potential buyers to those who can afford cash purchases. 

Can I Sell a House with Code Violations?

Is it possible? The answer is yes, but with certain considerations. Selling a house without code of compliance involves transparently disclosing these issues to potential buyers, which may narrow the market to those prepared for a project or looking for a lower-priced opportunity. Additionally, options such as selling as-is to cash buyers or investors who specialize in renovating properties can offer a straightforward route to sale. We Buy Houses in Bay Area has been purchasing homes in this situation for many years, and we’ll buy your house with code violations in Novato, or wherever you are in the area. 

Does the Homeowner Need to Fix Code Violations in Order to Sell?

In the Bay Area’s competitive real estate market, homeowners contemplating a sale may wonder if rectifying code violations is a prerequisite. The short answer: not necessarily. While resolving these issues can enhance a property’s appeal and value, selling a home “as is” remains a viable option. This approach allows sellers to bypass the often costly and time-consuming repairs, directly transferring the responsibility to the buyer. However, it’s crucial for sellers to fully disclose any known violations, ensuring transparency and legal compliance. 

Three Options to Consider When Selling a House With Code Violations

The path forward isn’t one-size-fits-all; rather, it’s a matter of aligning strategy with circumstance. Here are three considered options to go through this situation effectively:

  • Fix the Code Violations: This option is best suited for those who have the time and resources to invest in repairs, aiming for a higher return on investment.
  • Offer the Buyer a Credit or Lower the Selling Price: For sellers looking for a middle ground, adjusting the financial terms to account for the cost of repairs can be an attractive proposition. 
  • Sell Your Home As-Is to a Cash Buyer: This route is particularly appealing for sellers prioritizing speed and convenience over maximizing sale price, sidestepping the need for repairs and the uncertainties of buyer financing.

Each of these options carries its own set of advantages, tailored to different seller priorities and situations in the Bay Area’s diverse real estate landscape. 


In conclusion, navigating the sale of a house with code violations in the Bay Area presents a unique set of challenges, but also opportunities for homeowners and investors ready to explore their options. We Buy Houses in Bay Area stands ready to be your partner in this journey, offering a straightforward, cash-based solution for those looking to sell their property in Vallejo or anywhere in the Bay Area. Our experience in purchasing homes with code violations means we understand the intricacies of these transactions, providing a seamless and transparent process that respects your needs and timeline.


Yes, code violations can impact the closing timeline of a sale. They often require additional negotiations and may necessitate repairs or legal actions to resolve, which can extend the time needed to finalize the sale. Working with a buyer experienced in handling such properties, like We Buy Houses in Bay Area, can help mitigate these delays. 

Selling a house with unresolved code violations can lead to legal consequences, including fines or legal actions from local authorities. Additionally, if violations are not disclosed to the buyer, sellers might face lawsuits for nondisclosure, resulting in financial penalties or the nullification of the sale.

If you discover code violations during the sale process, assess the extent and cost of necessary repairs. Consider consulting with a legal or real estate professional to understand your options, which may include fixing the violations, adjusting the sale price, or offering the buyer a credit. Transparency with potential buyers about the issues is crucial.

Solutions for addressing building code violations include repairing the issues to comply with local codes, negotiating with the buyer to accept the property as-is with a price adjustment, or selling to a cash buyer who specializes in properties with code violations. Each option has its benefits depending on your circumstances and goals.

Yes, sellers are legally required to disclose known code violations to potential buyers. Failure to disclose such information can lead to legal repercussions, including being held liable for undisclosed defects after the sale is completed.

Yes, you can sell your house in California with code violations. However, you must disclose these violations to potential buyers. Selling to a company like We Buy Houses in Bay Area, which specializes in purchasing homes as-is, can simplify the process, allowing you to sell without the need for costly and time-consuming repairs. Check out our how it works page for any doubts!

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Shavi A
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Pam Weingarten
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