What Happens If I Inherit A Home From A Dead Relative?

How To Sell An Inherited House. The weird thing about inheriting anything is that it can come out of nowhere – leaving you with a load of stuff you either need to take care of, or you can do whatever you please.  You see, inheriting a home comes with two wonderful options, you can either […]

Looking to Sell An Old Home in Marin County

Sell My Marin County Home. Many things come with age – wisdom, riches, and more family. You may have outgrown your home, or it may have outgrown you. If you’re looking to upgrade into a newer home and/or simply downsize, we can help you. There are many things that go into the process of selling […]

Working With An All-Cash Buyer in Antioch

All-cash buyers in Antioch. You’ve probably seen signs of people who are looking to buy houses and fixer-uppers everywhere on crowded intersections and streets. You’ve probably seen a couple of numbers and ads all around your social media as well.  Many people don’t generally know about what we do – and about all-cash home buyers, […]

How to Prepare For the Sale of Your Home In Richmond

Buy my house in Richmond, CA. Moving is always a stressful process, and can often be pretty costly too. We have helped many families move out of their houses, and we’ve even shown them a couple of steps they should take before they begin to do so. If you’re selling your Richmond home and you […]

Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home During Each Season in the Bay Area

Sell My House Bay Area. As the summer sun comes out, as the leaves of fall take over, the bristling chill of winter, and the bright beauty of spring, each season has the distinct pros and cons when you’re looking to sell your Bay Area home.  In this article, we will be showing you some […]

Biggest Issues With Hoarder Houses in Daly City CA

Buying Properties For Cash. If you’ve never seen the TV show Hoarders – a hoarding house is a home where junk, useless garbage, and dust all accumulate within the home. Hoarding is considered a mental illness, in where people cannot let go of items because of their attached sentimental values to it. There are some […]

Benefits of Selling Your Oakland Home After A Divorce

Cash For Houses in Oakland. Divorces are always messy, and when it comes to the splitting of properties, assets, and money – there are always many questions regarding who gets what and when. There are myriads of reasons why you should sell a house after a divorce, and in this article – we’re going to […]

The Risks Of Owning A Vacant Property in San Francisco

Cash for Houses in San Francisco. Whether you got the home via inheritance, a gift, or if you simply bought it and neglected it – there are a myriad of issues of having a vacant home. As you can imagine, with no one living in it – your holding costs will continue to grow, and […]

Selling A House In Richmond With Liens

We Buy Houses Richmond. A lien is a big no-no in the real estate industry and can lead to some lasting negative effects. If you’re thinking of selling your Richmond home and it has a lien on it, your wish of a sale could be in jeopardy.  You’re not the only one with the problem […]