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Working With An All-Cash Buyer in Antioch


All-cash buyers in Antioch. You’ve probably seen signs of people who are looking to buy houses and fixer-uppers everywhere on crowded intersections and streets. You’ve probably seen a couple of numbers and ads all around your social media as well. 

Many people don’t generally know about what we do – and about all-cash home buyers, but one thing remains certain. That we are the best home buyers in the entirety of the Bay Area. We’re number 1 on Google for a reason, and in this article – we’re going to be showing the benefits of working with an all-cash buyer for your home in Antioch.

We Buy Homes in Antioch

  1. What makes us different from realtors

We buy homes – we don’t sell your home to potential home buyers. Realtors can help you list your home on the MLS – while we go ahead and straight-up buy your Antioch property without the need to wait. 

That’s the biggest difference, we come to you as potential buyers of your home, and we pay you in cold, hard cash. 

  1. We’re faster than realtors

It takes an average of 3-6 months before your home gets sold on the MLS. Sometimes it’s faster, and sometimes it’s slower. 

With us, it takes about 7 days to a month to close on your Antioch home. All we need to do is have a simple walkthrough of your home, and then discuss the terms of our offer. In 24 to 48 hours we’ll be sending an offer over, and when you accept – we will begin the process of buying your Antioch home. 

It’s really that simple.

  1. Zero commissions

Just to let you know, by working with a realtor – you’re going to be giving up 6% of your total sales price to your realtor, and your homebuyer’s realtor. 6% of your home’s worth…gone. Not with us, however.

We purchase your home with cold, hard cash – and we don’t take anything away from the offer that we have given you. All you need to do is enjoy the money we transfer over into your account, and you’re golden.

  1. Keep what you want, leave everything else for us to clean

Moving can be hard, especially if you have things you need to throw away. Old items, clothes, and furniture can be such a pain to throw away – and you often need to get a junk removal service to do so.

Not with us – keep the things you want to move with, and leave everything else for us to clean up.

And those are the reasons why…

We Buy Houses in Antioch

My team and I buy houses fast in Antioch and can give you an all-cash offer even faster. We buy houses fast in Antioch in any condition, and you don’t even need to clean up as well. 

If you’re wondering about what offer we can give you for your Antioch home, and you’re looking for the best people who buy houses in Antioch, feel free to give us a call anytime at (510) 900-8770 or you can fill out our form here today!

Eugene Romberg
Eugene Romberg

Home Buyer @ We Buy Houses In Bay Area

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