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What Happens If I Inherit A Home From A Dead Relative?


How To Sell An Inherited House. The weird thing about inheriting anything is that it can come out of nowhere – leaving you with a load of stuff you either need to take care of, or you can do whatever you please.  You see, inheriting a home comes with two wonderful options, you can either live in the home (and somewhat get a home for free, unless there is still a mortgage and you assume the loan) or you can straight up-sell the property minus any expenses. 

In our line of work – we’ve gone through many situations like this, where people inherit a home from their deceased parent or from a relative. In this article, we will discuss with you the different situations and topics that you will have to learn if you are inheriting a property.

Probate 101: Selling A House After Death of Parent 

Now that you’re at your relative’s lawyer’s office – they will explain to you that they have either left the property to you in their will or that they didn’t leave a will whatsoever.

Probate is defined as “the legal process of administering a person’s estate after their death.” Which is the way their goods and/or properties have to be divided amongst family members or friends. Having a concise and clearly written will is going to expedite this process. The will specifies who inherits what.

Now, this is where things get hairy. If you’re looking to sell a deceased parent’s home – what if your parent or relative doesn’t have a will? Well – you will have to go to the probate court, where they will rely on your state’s laws to figure out how to specifically distribute all the stuff your relative or parent(s) left behind.

Sell My Inherited House

Let’s just say that whoever wrote in their will that you will inherit their home or property, and that you have a clearly defined acceptance of said property – you have two ways you can sell the inherited home. Both ways are great for selling the property of deceased parents or relatives.

The Traditional Way

Selling a home the traditional way (with a realtor) comes with some extra hassle. You need to make sure your inherited property is in a sellable condition before you can place it on the market. Which means:

  • You need an inspection done
  • You need to fix any issues within the home, which will cost you some extra money
  • In the case that you need to also renovate the home – it will again, cost you extra money

Furthermore, after you have fixed up the home – you will need to take care of it for an average of 3 to 6 months before it is sold. (3 to 6 months being the average time for a California property to be sold on the MLS.)

Additional holding costs include maintenance of the grounds, an extra mortgage if the inherited home still has one, and any additional expenses.

On top of all that – when you sell your inherited property, you will have to give up 6% of the sales price, 3% to your agent, and 3% to your buyer’s agent

So, you have given up a lot of time, add on some additional stress, and you will get less money overall.

If you decide to sell your home to us, here are our benefits:

  • We can close in as little as seven days
  • We don’t need to have any repairs done to the property
  • We buy your inherited home – in cold, hard cash
  • We take zero commissions
  • We offer you the best offer in the entirety of the Bay Area/California

We make it easy on you – make your grieving process move by a lot quicker and easier, by selling your deceased parents’ home to us.

Questions and Answers for Selling Your Parent’s Home After Death

Can I Sell My Dad’s House Without Probate?

You can only sell your dad’s house without probate if it is written in his will that you will become the sole inheritor of his house. In that regard, you can begin selling the home when the legal proceedings are over – and you are deemed the new owner of the home in title.

Can I sell My Mother’s House Without Probate?

You can only sell your mothers’ house without probate if it is written in her will that you will become the sole inheritor of her house. In that regard, you can begin selling the home when the legal proceedings are over – and you are deemed the new owner of the home in title.

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