We Buy Homes in Union City California. We are the best local home buyers in Union City CA, and we want to let you know – you don’t have to break the bank when you begin to sell your home. There are various ways you can save both time and money when you sell your home in Union City CA. Read more below!

Sell Your Union City Property As-Is

It may not be as glamorous, but selling your Union City home as-is will save you huge amounts of money on upgrades and repairs. You don’t have to go through the ordeal of getting your home ready for the MLS – and there are many real estate investors out there who are looking for homes that they can fix and resell for a profit. Not only can these investors save you money on repair costs, but they don’t take commissions and will close as soon as they can.

Also, by choosing We Buy Houses in the Bay Area – we can give you the best offers alongside immaculate service. We are a high-volume sale company, which means we can give better offers, while ensuring that your property is taken care of. You can see our process here, and how to get started here.

Give Your Buyers A Credit

Before you begin to renovate your Union City home to sell, think about giving potential buyers a credit in order to make renovations. Here’s how this saves money, by giving the buyer a credit, they will be more than likely to buy your home. When they do, they can do what they please with the funds you have provided – ensuring that they can design the home the way they want it. By doing this, you don’t have to make renovations which can be costly to you, and off-putting for other potential buyers. You don’t run the risk of renovating your home into something buyers won’t want to buy, and you guarantee a sale quicker and easier this way.

Do It Yourself!

Do you have great skills in marketing or photography? If you do, you can even sell your Union City home by yourself, and be a For Sale By Owner. It’s tedious, but saves you money on agents and fees. Doing everything yourself, from the paperwork down to the listings, will save you money that you could otherwise be spending on an agent. However, you must know that selling your Union City home by yourself can be hard – but we are here to help in any way possible.

Limit Holding Costs, Try To Sell Your Union City Home Quickly

The longer your home stays on the market, the more it will cost you. Holding costs, which include maintenance and mortgage payments – can and will begin to add up. When you sell your home directly to my team and I, we can close on your property in as quickly as a week.

We Buy Houses in Union City California

There are a multitude of ways to save money while selling your home, we want to make sure you and your family get the most out of your property. My team and I buy houses fast in Union City, and can give you an all-cash offer even faster. We buy houses fast in Union City in any condition, and you don’t even need to clean up as well.

If you’re wondering about what offer we can give you for your home, and you’re looking for the best people who buy houses in Union City, feel free to give us a call anytime at (510) 900-8770 or you can fill out our form here today!

“My team and I have been professionals in the real estate industry for a long time, we buy homes in any condition in Union City California.”

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