House Buyers in Fremont. We’ve been in the house investment industry for a very long time, and with the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated, we also get a fair share of the same general questions. We’d like to educate you on what makes us different and answer these questions ahead of time before you start working with us.

Top 4 Questions Cash Buyers Get In Fremont

  1. Do I Pay You Commissions?

No, you do not. That’s the biggest difference between working with us and a realtor. In the state of California, realtors are commissioned 3% from each side – the buyer’s and the seller’s side. This means that you’ll be giving up 6% of your total sales price to agents, rather than pocketing it yourself.

With us, there are no commissions. We make an offer for your Fremont home, and pay you for it – 100%. No gimmicks, no false words, just cold, hard cash. 

  1. What If I Need Repairs Done For My Fremont Home?

If you need repairs or renovations, you can do without them when working with us. We buy your Fremont home – as-is. All we ask is for some time out of your day, for us to come and take a look at your home. From there, we do a simple inspection, take a look at the damage you have within your home, and we will propose to you an offer in 24 to 48 hours.

We’ll buy your Fremont home in any condition, and give you the best offer in the entire Bay Area for it.

  1. How Quickly Can You Guys Close?

As quickly as you want to close. The faster we can do an inspection, write you an offer, and get you your money – the faster we can close on the transfer of your Fremont home from you to us. All we need to do is get a local affidavit, and we will help you with the paperwork as well. We can close in as little as 7 days if you want. 

  1. Do You Help With The Moving Process?

We certainly do! After you close with us, we will help you move out your furniture and anything you need to move to your new home. The best part is, if you have anything old, or unwanted – you can leave it in the home for us to clean up. Leave what you don’t want, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Selling My Home In Fremont

My team and I buy houses fast in Fremont and can give you an all-cash offer even faster. We buy houses fast in Fremont in any condition, and you don’t even need to clean up as well.

If you’re wondering about what offer we can give you for your Fremont property, and you’re looking for the best people who buy houses in the Bay Area, feel free to give us a call anytime at (510) 900-8770 or you can fill out our form here today!