Inheriting a home is definitely an unexpected event in your lifetime and we are sorry for any loss you may be enduring.

With a newly inherited home, there are several options at your disposal.

  1. You can rent out your Bay Area home
  2. You can sell your Bay Area home
  3. You can keep it

However, as a team with a lot of experience in the Bay Area real estate industry, we’ve learned that you should make sure you have these objectives covered before you decide on what to do with your Bay Area home.

  1. Make sure the mortgage for your inherited property is paid off. If you are inheriting this home – you inherit all of its debts too. Most banks and lenders would allow for you to assume the loan, but some may tell you to refinance before doing so. If you don’t qualify for a new loan – renting the property can make extra income for you to pay off the mortgage in the meantime.
  2. If you’re looking to rent, hire a professional if you want to manage the renting for your home – if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, sites like Airbnb gives an all inclusive package for posting on their platform. Renting is a great strategy for an inherited property, especially if it isn’t free and clear. Just be prepared for all the hassle of owning a second property.
  3. Don’t forget about Uncle Sam! Every time someone inherits something – whether it’s a Bay Area home or not, you will have to deal with tax and legal professionals before you take any actions towards the inherited home. There may be some underlying components of the inheritance you may not know about – and tax implications you want to resolve before acquiring the property.
  4. Selling a Bay Area home For Top Dollar
    One of the best things about working with my team and I is that we deal with making the repairs, landscaping, and overall cleanup of your inherited Bay Area home. We buy Bay Area houses as-is, for cash.

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