We Buy Houses Richmond. A lien is a big no-no in the real estate industry and can lead to some lasting negative effects. If you’re thinking of selling your Richmond home and it has a lien on it, your wish of a sale could be in jeopardy. 

You’re not the only one with the problem of a lien on your property. In fact, liens are very common in the United States for a variety of reasons. In this article, we’re going to explaining to you what a lien is, the different types of liens, and how you can get out of a bad lien situation. 

Liens in Richmond

What is a Lien?

A lien is a financial claim on any sort of property. It’s generally attached to your home’s title/deed. A lien basically exists when you owe a sizable monetary debt to someone or something. When you have a lien of some sort on your property, you won’t be able to clear the sale for your home unless you have paid off that debt.

There are voluntary and involuntary liens.

Voluntary liens are financial claims individuals have over another’s personal property as a form of security for payment of the owed money.

Mortgages, for example, are voluntary liens. The bank loans you money to purchase a home, but have the home as collateral if you don’t manage to pay off your loan. Voluntary liens aren’t necessarily bad and are commonplace in our financial systems.

Involuntary liens are liens that come with the owner’s consent. They are essentially punishments, such as when a judge forces a tax lien on your because you didn’t pay your taxes.

A tax lien is an involuntary lien and happens when a homeowner is unable to pay their property taxes. Before you can sell your Richmond home, you must make sure that there are no tax liens on your property. If there is, the government can stop the sale of your home by placing a tax lien on the home’s title.

How to clear a lien:

Find a lawyer within Richmond who specializes in liens, and they shall be able to give you information on how to pause or even remove a lien from your home’s title. However, there is another way to clear a lien, simply sell your home to a real estate investor – like us!

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