If you have a Bay Area home or property that is in the process of foreclosure right now – we want you to take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. A lot of Bay Area homeowners call us when they need to sell their Bay Area home quickly, and most wonder if they can even sell their home during foreclosure. The answer is yes! It’s a pretty confusing process, but here are a few tips in order to get organized.

  1. Continually communicate with your lender: Update your lenders daily so that you can show them that you are trying your hardest to sell your Bay Area home.
  2. Deadlines are Key: don’t miss them – however, if you can’t reach them – call ahead with advanced notice.
  3. Keep records of every conversation you have with your lender: always get things in writing – make sure to keep track of everyone you speak with during this process and for any promises being made. Bankers are human, explaining your situation the right way, goes a long way.
  4. Explore every option: Depending on your lender, you can dramatically slow down or even halt the foreclosure process with some effort. Make sure you thoroughly go over the lenders policies that help borrowers avoid foreclosure.
  5. Take Action, Now: time is not your friend, the further behind you are on payments – the less options you have when it comes to your Bay Area home.

Quick note: Lenders do NOT want to see your Bay Area home vacant or auctioned. Lenders stand to make the most money by your Bay Area home being SOLD.

My team and I are legitimate house buyers in the Bay Area – and we are specialized in helping Bay Area residents out of stressful situations such as a foreclosure. I can even negotiate directly with the lender to reduce the amount you and your family owe, and we may even get you some cash for your Bay Area property.

If you want to learn more about how we can give you an offer without a walkthrough, click here.
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