You want to make sure you have every advantage when it comes to selling your Antioch home . Your neighborhood will have several similar homes on the free market, all with a similar style, amenities, and age. To sell your Antioch home quickly, you must stand out and look special.

Here are 5 GREAT tips that use Psychology to sell your Antioch home FAST!

1. It’s a Numbers Game

By doing your research through sites such as Zillow or Redfin, one can find out exactly what price your Antioch home is going for. Knowledge is power, and by setting up a specific price you display to prospective buyers that you know your stuff. They see that you have invested time into your Antioch home, and have maintained it with the utmost care. For example, if I was looking to sell my house fast in Antioch, I would not use rounded numbers. I would put my house at the exact price that I’m looking to sell it for, rather than rounding to $200,000 – I would sell my home for $206,500.

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2. Appeal to the Human Senses

People love pleasant surprises, and they want to have fun looking for their favorite Antioch home. Now I’m not saying that you should burn incense and have loads of great smelling flowers in your home, but having a nice, well-maintained home that is spotless – that is appealing. A clean home represents what you are as a seller and the attitude you have towards your Antioch home. For example, If I was looking to sell my house fast in Antioch, I would not use bleach to deep clean my home, I would use cleaners that have a light citrus or pine smell. As a great man once said, “Let there be light!” The natural lighting of your home does wonders to showcase its impeccable style and details, so make sure to let lots of natural light in to create a warm, friendly atmosphere. Make potential buyers see the beauty in your Antioch home, and they will buy sooner, rather than later.

3. Personal Space

If you are working with a real estate agent, they will most likely have showings of your home throughout the whole buying process – something that definitely intrudes on your personal space. The same feeling is also exemplified when potential buyers go to your home and see your family’s photos on the wall or on your desk, they will feel like they are invading your personal sanctuary. For example, if there were housebuyers in Antioch, I would appeal to them by not showing my family photos. I would rather show them some pieces of interest that can make my Antioch home feeling homey and relaxing, without being overbearing. Nice paintings, furniture, and plants allow homebuyers to imagine themselves living in your space. This in turn makes the selling process easier and quicker for you as well. By putting personal pieces away sooner, you can become more emotionally ready to sell your Antioch home.

4. Throw A Party

Now I know that we all have to practice social distancing, but when this is all over and you’re still looking to sell your Antioch home, having a party can definitely make your home look more attractive to homebuyers. For example, if I knew someone was coming over on Sunday to potentially buy my house in Antioch, I would throw on some barbeque or a sporting event. Nothing can make a house look more livable than when a group of people are together and are eating good food while watching sports. You allow homebuyers to envision themselves living in your Antioch home while making enjoyable memories within it as well.

5. Importance of First Impressions

I’m pretty sure you know by now that first impressions are always important. How you show yourself to employers, parents of your significant other, and everyone else is a big factor in what they think of you. Likewise, people decide very quickly if they are going to buy your Antioch home within the first couple of minutes of walking through it. For example, if I need to sell my house fast in Antioch I would hire a landscaper to trim and mow my front yard. If your front yard is groomed and taken care of, your buyers will have a great first impression of your home. Additionally, doing some paint touch-ups, adding new house numbers and even a new mailbox can work wonders on homebuyers in terms of first impressions. If you were to buy an Antioch home, wouldn’t you want it to look absolutely pristine?

Make sure to make your entrance inviting, some fresh flowers and natural lighting gives your home a warm glow when entering. Any shoe racks, footwear, or clutter should be placed somewhere out of sight, to make your home look nice and uncluttered.

My team and I are legitimate house buyers in the Bay Area and we’re adapting our operations to practice social distancing, while at the same time giving you the best offer for your Bay Area home.

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