Are you currently thinking about selling your Vallejo home? If you’re going to do so, you will most likely have some competition. All things require effort, and the little things can ultimately make your selling process quicker and easier – these “little things” will be discussed in the article. Here are 3 great tips on how to set your Vallejo home apart from the competition.

1. Address The Senses

We use our five senses daily, and potential homebuyers in the Vallejo will also use these senses to make a decision on your Vallejo home. You will absolutely want your visual appearance to be impressive, but you have to also think about what your potential buyers hear, smell, touch, and taste.

For example, if I was looking to sell my house fast in Vallejo, I would be playing classical music, due to the fact that the community is generally older and would want to hear modest music.

You don’t want to overpower your home with exotic smells or fragrances. Some homebuyers could possibly have sensitive noses and you wouldn’t want to drive anyone away without them seeing your Vallejo home in its entirety first. For example, if I need to sell my house fast in Vallejo, I would keep it light with mild fragrances. Vanilla and citrus fruits are popular choices that won’t be too harsh on your guest’s noses.

Taste is a great sense to use when you’re looking to recall memories. Have you ever wanted to eat some of your family’s home cooking while you’ve been away? That same feeling can happen to potential buyers if you can give them some tasty treats when showing your home. Let’s say I needed someone to buy my house fast in Vallejo – I would have my significant other bake some fresh cookies when we would have buyers over. Homebuyers may not remember your crown molding or the tile of your flooring, but they will definitely remember a great cookie.

Potential homebuyers in the Vallejo probably won’t touch many items in your home, but the things that they do touch, such as cabinets, doorknobs, handles, and faucet handles – should have a great polished feel to them. For example, if I need someone to buy my house fast in Vallejo, I would throw some comfy, feathered pillows on my couches and beds to make them feel absolutely soft and inviting. Think about the times you’ve stayed in nice hotels or Airbnb’s – and try to replicate what they have done to make their home feel amazing to the touch.

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm

They say beauty is on the inside, but for a Vallejo home, it must be beautiful inside and out. The exterior of your house will greatly determine whether or not homebuyers will even walk into your home. First impressions matter (BP 9), and when it comes to home buying, it matters a lot. Use your first impression to leave a lasting impression on homebuyers. For example, if I need to make a great first impression for housebuyers in Vallejo, I would:

3. Don’t Take Things Personally…

Making your Vallejo house feel like a home is one thing, but if homebuyers see your vacation, graduation, and general family photos around, they will feel like they are intruding. By packing up personal pictures and clutter, you can start emotionally detaching yourself from your home, while allowing homebuyers to envision themselves in your property.

My team and I are legitimate house buyers in the Bay Area and we’re adapting our operations to practice social distancing, while at the same time giving you the best offer for your Bay Area home.

If you’re wondering about what offer we can give you for your Vallejo home, and you’re looking for the best people who buy houses in Vallejo, feel free to give us a call anytime at (510) 900-8770 or you can fill out our form here today!

We can go over this info over the phone. We truly love working with people who need a fast honest solution to a house that you need to get out from under.

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