Water Damage in Your Marin County Home

Buying water-damaged homes in Marin County.  Water is the source of life. It feeds our plants, quenches our thirst, and cleanses our bodies. Water (or the lack of it) is synonymous with California – our surf culture and our snow sports culture all come from mighty bodies of water. However, water in the wrong place […]

What to Do After Your Home Has Fire Damage in the Bay Area

Cash for fire-damaged homes in the Bay Area. Firstly, you need to recognize one thing – you and your family are safe from harm’s way, and now you can begin the process of rebuilding. Nothing is worth a life, and a home (although valuable) is not worth saving if you die in the process. It […]

How To Help Your Parents or Someone You Know Out of a Hoarding House in Richmond

Cash Home Buyers Richmond. You’ve heard or seen the show Hoarders before right? Well – according to studies by Scientific American over “five million and 14 million people in the U.S. are compulsive hoarders—at least twice the number of people diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Some researchers contend that these figures are underestimated and that […]

<strong>What You Can Do With An Old House in San Jose</strong>

Selling Your Old House in San Jose. An old home does have its charm, but there can also be a dark side to them as well. If the home is too old, there might be some underlying problem that you need to resolve.  But before that – there are many things you can do with […]

What Happens If I Inherit A Home From A Dead Relative?

How To Sell An Inherited House. The weird thing about inheriting anything is that it can come out of nowhere – leaving you with a load of stuff you either need to take care of, or you can do whatever you please.  You see, inheriting a home comes with two wonderful options, you can either […]

Our Home Buying Process – How It Works in Antioch

Buying a home with cash in Antioch. If you need to sell your Antioch home quickly, but you want to understand our entire process – you’ve come to the right place.  Selling a home can be a very stressful endeavor, and oftentimes – many homeowners don’t know what to do to get the process rolling. […]

The Difference Between A Realtor and A Home Investor

Buying Houses for All Cash in the Bay Area. In the real estate industry, realtors and home investors are all working towards the same goal, which is helping someone find or sell a home.  The thing is, realtors and home investors have different solutions for helping certain homeowners. If a homeowner has a beautiful home […]

Looking to Sell An Old Home in Marin County

Sell My Marin County Home. Many things come with age – wisdom, riches, and more family. You may have outgrown your home, or it may have outgrown you. If you’re looking to upgrade into a newer home and/or simply downsize, we can help you. There are many things that go into the process of selling […]

Working With An All-Cash Buyer in Antioch

All-cash buyers in Antioch. You’ve probably seen signs of people who are looking to buy houses and fixer-uppers everywhere on crowded intersections and streets. You’ve probably seen a couple of numbers and ads all around your social media as well.  Many people don’t generally know about what we do – and about all-cash home buyers, […]

How to Prepare For the Sale of Your Home In Richmond

Buy my house in Richmond, CA. Moving is always a stressful process, and can often be pretty costly too. We have helped many families move out of their houses, and we’ve even shown them a couple of steps they should take before they begin to do so. If you’re selling your Richmond home and you […]