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The "We Buy Houses In Bay Area" Team

In all honesty, I don’t like calling this a company. We are real people, with real feelings and compassion.

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Eugene Romberg

Owner and Founder

he’s bought and sold over $160 million of real estate since 2015. He lives in San Jose CA with his wife of 7 years and his two boys.

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Ray Haikin


He has taken part in 50 real estate transaction in the last 4 years. He specializes in remodeling, redevelopment, and marketing. Ray currently resides in Fremont with his wife and kids.

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Joseph Mathews

Head of Transaction Coordination and Dispositions

has extensive experience in real estate. Joseph loves helping people solve difficult problems. Joseph loves to play soccer and spend time with his family.

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Shanti Thomas

Senior Escrow Officer at North American Title Company 21060 Redwood Road

She has been an escrow officer for over 32 years and loves what she does. She is dedicated to make the buying and selling of real estate a seamless process.

Our Pledge To You

We promise to be fair, honest and do whatever it takes to come to a win-win transaction.

We do not take advantage of others, we firmly believe that a person in distress needs someone that can help - and you can count on us to be there for you, on your side to the end. We do our best to genuinely be the solution to all of your real estate hardships. Give us a try - you will see how we always manage to exceed expectations.

I recently called Eugene We Buy Houses in Bay Area and spoke to him for the sale of my home. It went very smoothly and the whole process took a little over 7 days but it was so worth it!! He was a big help and now i have some cash in my pocket to start my life over. Thanks E!!!
- Stifeen Hankok

Our Values

Each individual in my team believes that being upfront, genuinely honest and transparent will make life fulfilling and happy. These are the core values I have built my team and myself upon!

What We Do

We are Cash Home Buyers in the Bay Area of California! We rehab and flip houses in the Bay Area of California. We buy houses in the Bay Area from people that no longer want to own it for any reason.

How We Work

We know it is important to give you a great and fair offer, and that is taken very seriously with us. We are not here to take advantage of anyone or waste their time, and we see it as ethically appalling to make an offer based on how desperate you may or may not be able to sell.

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Give us a Call:

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We had a very old home that needed a whole lot of repairs. My children are flown out of the nest and now we didn’t need to have all this space. We had a yard sale to sell off all of our unneeded goods and then we looked around for people to sell our home. The real estate agents all said we needed to make sure our home was fixed up before we could sell it, but we really didn’t have the money or the time to spend for such an endeavor. My husband and i saw an ad for Eugenes company and decided to give him a call. He answered right away and swept up off our feet with how polite and how detailed he was . we sold our home to him and had enough time to move to our new house. It was such an easy move

- Doreen A Fuerst